Polymate Ltd.

Polymate Ltd. – International Nanotechnology Research Center ("Polymate Ltd. – INRC" or "Polymate") is a technology and design company which specializes in providing applied and theoretical research and development in diverse fields, including materials, chemical and environmental engineering, with a focus on the development, marketing, patent search and patenting, manufacturing and commercialization of nanotechnologies and other advanced and novel materials. Polymate Ltd. works in partnership with HCT, providing technical and scientific support. The company employs some of Israel’s leading scientists and is managed by key HCT Officers Alex Trossman, M.Sc., the CEO of Polymate Ltd. – INRC, and Dr. Oleg Figovsky, its R&D Director.

Polymate is located at the R&D park at Migdal Haemek, North of Haifa, Israel and is fully equipped with modern research, testing and technological equipment. Polymate has a unique, well developed and tested organization for search, evaluation and acquisition of newly developed, but not yet commercialized technologies primarily from Israel. Polymate is a consultant to the European Union to screen technologies and also publishes an Israeli magazine – "Scientific Israel – Technological Advantages" – to support search for technologies and scientific partnerships.

In 2007 Polymate Ltd.-INRC received the NASA Nanotech Briefs®' Nano 50™ Award (The Nano 50 award recognizes the top 50 innovators, technologies and products impacting the commercialization of nanotechnology to mainstream markets). Click here to see Award. To find out more about the Nano 50 Award go here www.NanoTechBriefs.com.